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The Legion

Established in 2018, Valkyrie focused on 3 core principles early in our existence: Content, Competition, and Community.


Content: Providing a platform for new and smaller content creators is a must for our organization. Every content creator and piece we put out is geared toward creating a positive and inviting relationship with every viewer. 


Competition: Competitive integrity is something we stand by at all times. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where healthy competition is encouraged but making sure that the playing field is always level. For every roster brought under our banner, it is important that they remain respectful and continue to hold a high standard for themselves both as a player and a person. 


Community: Through many different avenues, we strive to do well for our community by creating an open space for all different types of people to express themselves and also do good while playing the games we love. By putting an emphasis on charity work, we look to raise awareness for many different causes that impact many different kinds of people around the world. 

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